As Alastair Cook tucked the ball for four off the bowling of Nuwan Pradeep in the second innings the Durham Test, he made history. He became the first English player to reach 10,000 Test match runs. When you think there have been 670 men that have played for England — Cook was number 630 — it is quite an achievement. While there have been 11 batsmen that have passed the 10,000 run mark, none have been from England, until now. This is all the more remarkable when you consider that they play more Tests than anyone else. Of those 11 men who have crossed this threshold before him, only Sunil Gavaskar was an opening batsman. Gavaskar has “only” 10,122 runs so the England captain will soon be the highest run-scoring opening batsman of all time.

Scientists working in the Gulf of Mexico have found that contaminants from the massive 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill lingered in the subsurface water for months after oil on the surface had been swept up or dispersed. In a new study, they also detailed how remnants of the oil, black carbon from burning oil slicks and contaminants from drilling mud combined with microscopic algae and other marine debris to descend in a “dirty blizzard” to the seafloor.