One of the main reasons cancer remains difficult to treat is that cancer cells have developed a multitude of mechanisms that allow them to evade destruction by the immune system. One of these escape mechanisms involves a type of immune cell called myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). A recent study led by Sharon Evans, PhD, Professor of Oncology and Immunology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, provides new insight into how MDSCs enable tumor cells to circumvent immune attack and offer the potential for improving cancer immunotherapy. The research has been published today in the journal eLife.

Mulayam Singh Yadav has this morning cancelled a party meeting he had called on Thursday – December 5 and has asked party candidates to head to their constituencies and prepare for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, to be announced any day this week. The meeting was likely to have been poorly attended with most party workers and leaders siding with his son and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. The Samajwadi Party split on Sunday with Akhilesh being declared top boss in place of his father and the party’s founder, at a massive show of strength in a public ground in Lucknow. Mulayam Singh Yadav has declared Akhilesh’s meeting and its decisions “illegal.”

Anyone who has deposited cash or purchased high value items after the November 8 demonetisation not in line with income declared in tax returns may have reason to worry as the authorities sift through tonnes of data generated in the past two months or so. They are also using data analytics to parse for points of similarity to see if any attempt has been made to split up transactions to avoid suspicion. The income tax department is likely to put such names on its website soon, making it mandatory for them to explain such transactions.